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A Practical & Experienced Corporate Law Firm Supporting Businesses and Individuals in the Business Community

F&E LLP is your business solution providing one-stop legal support for your Corporate, Transactional, Securities, Contracts, Government Contracting and Employment Counseling needs. 


Our attorneys have experience counseling businesses of various sizes across many industries. Whether you are a start-up looking for financing, a mid-sized business seeking help with contracts negotiations and employment policies or a large corporate entity needing assistance with mergers and acquisitions, we have got you covered. 





Entity Structure, Corporate Formation, Corporate Governance and Maintenance, Business Success Planning



Drafting, reviewing and negotiating business contracts to minimize exposure to liability and prepare for the sale process


Mergers, Acquisitions, Sale of Businesses, Reorganizations, Restructurings



Advising in the certification process, assisting in the procurement process and drafting and negotiating subcontract agreements


Regulation D and blue sky filings, convertible notes and common and preferred stock capital raises



Drafting employment agreements, consulting agreements, incentive compensation plans



F&E LLP provides strategic solutions to the complex legal and business issues facing clients while helping them achieve their business objectives. Clients range from entrepreneurs seeking counsel on selecting the correct business form and raising capital, to established companies looking to grow through acquisitions and form strategic alliances, to government contractors requiring assistance with procurement and subcontracting needs. We advise clients on corporate, transactional, regulatory and compliance issues, employment counseling and provide advice and counsel on corporate governance and government contracting matters. Our experienced team comprised of former large law firm attorneys is focused on providing practical, business-oriented advice in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


We assist clients in selecting the proper legal entity in which to conduct business and draft the necessary documentation, including corporate formation documents, limited liability company operating agreements, general and limited partnership partnership agreements and shareholder agreements. We are experienced in negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreements of all types, including employment agreements, distribution agreements, manufacturing agreements and licensing agreements across multiple industries. We assist clients with transactions that provide access to debt and equity capital through the sale of stock, partnership or limited liability company interests, or through the issuance of debt. Our clients rely on us to provide strategic counsel in negotiations and to advise them with respect to reviewing, negotiating and closing commercial and government contracting transactions. When our clients seek opportunities to expand, whether through partnership or strategic alliance or by making strategic acquisitions, we provide the legal guidance and draft and negotiate the necessary documentation to facilitate these transactions. Similarly, when our clients feel that a sale of stock or assets would be in their best interest, we advise, draft and negotiate the agreements to effectuate such transaction.  We also assist our clients with understanding and complying with the myriad federal, state and local regulations that apply to their businesses.


Although we are often the first point of contact for our clients as we frequently act as the outside general counsel for our clients, we draw on the experience of the lawyers and advisors within our network to best serve our clients’ needs such as tax advisors, wealth managers and experienced litigators.


Our goal is to provide high caliber legal services similar to what one would expect at a large law firm with the personalized attention of a boutique practice.  We invite you to schedule a consultation to learn about our capabilities today.

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6020 Cornerstone Court West, Suite 250, San Diego, California 92121

Tel:  (858) 746-6480


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