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In today's economic environment, all businesses have the need to enter into contractual agreements to memorialize understandings between parties in the ordinary course of business and to allocate and mitigate risks when entering into a business relationship.   As part of the general corporate counseling work that we provide, our experienced attorneys routinely draft, negotiate, review and advise businesses with their contractual needs whether it be with partner, a supplier, a customer or for their websites.   In addition, our attorneys have experience working closely with the client to negotiate and structure business relationships prior to producing the customized underlying contractual documents to serve to memorialize the relationship between the parties while guarding against the inadvertent assumption of risk.   We bring a practical perspective to each contractual document that we review and produce and ensure that we understand the business landscape before producing the contractual document to maximize the results for client.   In addition, understanding that most businesses will be bought and sold during its lifecycle, our attorneys are keenly aware of the impact of favorable and transferable contractual documents have on the purchase and sale of the business during the M&A process.   Whether its negotiating and drafting  employment agreements, subcontract agreements, terms and conditions, restricted stock purchase agreements, distribution agreements, commission agreements and/or supply agreements, our attorneys draft and negotiate the contracts to bring unique perspective and a practical approach while being aware of transferability and indemnification issues that could impact a sale of a business.  


  • Counseled and drafted terms of service and privacy policies for various clients across multiple industries ranging from manufacturers to software startup companies.

  • Counseled and drafted membership terms and conditions for SaaS client.

  • Created purchase order and drafted associated terms and conditions for manufacturing client.

  • Drafted engagement agreement for investment banker client.

  • Negotiated and drafted consulting agreement for professional services firm in compliance with AB 5.

  • Advised privately-held maker of sanitary product dispensers in connection with the preparation and negotiation of multiple supply agreements.

  • Negotiated and revised distribution agreement between Fortune 1000 company and high-end outdoor appliance manufacturer.

  • Drafted and negotiated various commission agreements in various industries.

  • Drafted and negotiated subcontract agreement between Fortune 500 company and government contractor client.

  • Represented an executive of a startup software development entity in the negotiations and revisions/drafting of its executive compensation and subsequent payout of same. 

  • Drafted and negotiated various severance and release agreements of executives in public and private companies across many industries.

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