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Corporate Law

All businesses routinely encounter issues that pose both legal and business concerns. As experienced counselors, our attorneys help companies of all sizes consider legal impacts arising out of their operations and address both ordinary course and unexpected events that arise as a matter of doing business. We offer legal guidance on a full range of corporate legal matters that typically arise in the business life cycle including entity formation counseling, establishing incentive compensation plans, drafting and negotiating executive employment agreements and independent contracting agreements, establishing favorable legal forms to use in the ordinary course, drafting purchase orders and corresponding terms and conditions, advising and counseling clients with corporate governance issues and best practices, assisting business owners, executives and boards to address the challenges of operating their businesses under industry specific regulations as well as securities regulations.   In addition, we counsel numerous small to mid-size businesses with regards to succession planning in coordination with other service providers to achieve a smooth and tax-efficient transition to the next generation of owners. 

In addition, we provide outside/outsourced general counsel functions for our clients. These functions range from corporate structuring, implementing intercompany arrangements, proper drafting and filing of corporate documents to create subsidiaries and/or affiliated entities, partnerships and joint venture documents, as well as drafting and negotiating a whole host of other commercial, strategic, employment, financing, licensing, and other agreements used in the operation of their businesses.  We are generally the first point of contact for litigation and pre-litigation matters and utilize our robust network to manage litigation matters for our clients in concert with proven and experienced litigators.


  • Counseled various start-ups as to proper entity structure and assist in the proper formation of their legal entity;

  • Reviewed and revised subcontractor agreements to comply with California's recently enacted AB 5 laws;

  • Advised, structured, implemented and managed various company incentive compensation plans;

  • Advised and counseled with regards to day-to-day employment issues;

  • Drafted grants of restricted stock for company founders;

  • Audited company agreements and corporate record books in preparation for sale of business;

  • Created corporate subsidiary and restructured parent corporation in preparation for acquisition of business;

  • Drafted and negotiated subcontract agreements;

  • Reviewed and drafted appropriate policies and terms of service/use agreements for company websites;

  • Advised as to proper course of action; and

  • Advised as to specific industry regulations and compliance of same.

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